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Training Options
Jolly Phonics Workshop
This workshop is for schools, English teachers, school administrators, and parents. 

-Teachers who want to improve their teaching capability and efficiency. 
-Schools implementing the program school wide
-Available books and product updates
-Ongoing support 

The Jolly Phonics teacher training workshop include:
-Synthetic Phonics 
-Five skills of literacy 
-Model lesson and lesson planning
-Timeline for teaching 
-Preview of key Jolly Phonics resources 

Jolly Phonics Training Workshop Offerings
Half day
Introductory workshop/ presentation
Parents and Schools
1 Full day
-Jolly Phonics Training Workshop
-Jolly Grammar Training Workshop
or Phonics half day and Grammar half day.
2 day seminar
Full day Jolly Phonics and Full day Jolly Grammar 
Invite a trainer 
Have a Jolly Phonics workshop at your school. 
Anywhere in Mainland China. 
Hosting school:
-Provide a computer and digital projector a whiteboard or chalkboard(required) 
-Printer. Make copies. Printed materials will be distributed and will be used in training.
Free Resources
-Teacher guides, Lesson guide, Program PPT and PDF , free worksheets, sound cubes, pens, bags, art activities, Product Catalogue, more.
-Plan an event: 
Discuss details of training plans, dates, locations, and travel arrangements with the trainer directly. 
Travel considerations
-Inviting organization is responsible for travel and accommodation costs. 
-Travel charged an additional fee for extended travel arrangements for over one day travel. 

官方认证培训师 (Jolly Learning U.K.) -Accredited Jolly Learning Trainer

大卫·卡利亚(David Calia)是一名美国教师,2006年开始了在中国的首次教学工作。他拥有特殊教育硕士学位和TESOL认证。 他在中国的教学经验来自国际学校,幼儿园,小学和使用Jolly Phonics的培训学校的等教学范围。 大卫看到了使用这种教学方法的所取得的成功和孩子们能够有信心阅读。 他很高兴能够去培养教师通过这种方式去取得成功。

David Calia is an American teacher whose teaching in China first started in 2006. He holds a master degree in special education M.A.Ed and TESOL certification. His teaching experiences in China range from teaching in an international school, a kindergarten, a primary school and a training school using Jolly Phonics in each of these. David has seen the success of using this method of teaching and the confidence of the children in being able to read. He is excited at being able to train teachers to achieve in this way.